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On a daily basis our recruitment professionals speak to candidates that are applying for vacancies that they are neither suitably qualified for, nor do they have a thorough understanding of the specific requirements for the profession that they want to pursue, which results in failed applications and external recruiters not responding to candidate applications.

A lack of professional career guidance leads to not only a great deal of disappointment and countless failed applications; it is also incredibly disheartening to graduates just stepping out of the academic world into the mainstream professional environment for the first time.

The recruitment industry is a lucrative profession that is focused on results which equal financial rewards, with recruiters securing large payments and salary shares on confirmed hires, recruitment consultants scan applicant CVs for key facts relating to their hire, rendering the rest of the candidates resumes obsolete, which is why it can sometimes take as many as 200 applications in highly specialised fields such as finance before you are contacted and asked to attend an interview.

GradJobs mission is to deliver a high quality service that leads candidates through the hurdles of career specific job applications and interviews with structured support and professional guidance which is why GradJobs recruitment professionals will contact each and every candidate that applies for our vacancies.

We do not ignore our candidates, we believe that every candidate has the right to know what their strengths and weaknesses are for the career path they are pursuing.

GradJobs was officially registered on the 20th of March 2020 by professional recruitment advisors, who have worked in the sector for many years.

The company was launched with a clear and precise goal! To improve the candidate experience and to help candidates that would previously be ignored by unscrupulous cut throat recruiters.

We take pride in the fact that we are focused on our candidates and work with countless individuals from varying fields to help and guide them on a step by step basis into the careers they are aiming for.

Our recruitment consultants are always on hand for all of your professional career guidance needs in any sector.

Do not hesitate to call and speak to one of our team members, we are always happy to help. We can advise on career specifics such as CV guidance, interview preparation, interview preparation sector specific, the relevant educational requirements for job roles, independent study courses, professional regulatory requirements, internships and company sponsored development programs, job specific details and career structures.

No matter what your questions are do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need or ask for help. Our knowledge and advice is free and impartial.

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